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DIARGE manufactures products based in Taito Ward, Tokyo.
Taito Ward has the smallest total area among Tokyo's 23 wards, but it has a face as a tourist destination with the historic downtown areas of Ueno and Asakusa, and is represented by the Tokyo University of the Arts and the National Tokyo Museum. It has the face of a city of art, and is also an area where the production of leather, shoes, footwear, bags, accessories, metal accessories, etc. is thriving.
As one of the centers of commerce and industry since the Edo period, the population and industry are highly concentrated.
It has developed as a cluster of wholesalers and wholesalers responsible for the distribution of the products they manufacture.
From the Meiji era until the mid-1930s, Taito Ward was also a key transportation hub, with various facilities along the Sumida River.
Processing factories stand side by side, and the people who work there live close to each other.
A community was formed.
Thanks to the advantages of land and water transportation, various imported goods gathered, and the processing, manufacturing, and wholesale of leather, shoes, bags, metal accessories, stationery, and jewelry gathered. However, the manufacturing and distribution network has developed so that factories and craftsmen in each field, material stores, and wholesalers complement each other.
In addition, industry in Taito Ward is located in traditional commercial areas such as Nihonbashi and Ginza, as well as transit points.
It is characterized by having a cottage industry nature directly connected to the wholesale district .
In Taito Ward, which has such a historical background, the main materials and parts that make up DIARGE products, such as leather and brass, are close at hand.
It is easy to procure, and there is a human network of craftsmen involved in processing nearby,
It is possible to flexibly plan and manufacture base metal products and leather products with high quality and rich texture.
By incorporating the spirit of learning new from the past, which has been handed down through the history of Japan, and the diverse and detailed sensibilities cultivated in Tokyo, which changes with the times, into the design details, we provide products rooted in essential values, not only in Japan but also in Japan. We hope to be a color that enriches the lifestyles of people all over the world by 1 mm, both physically and mentally.


di + argentum = DIARGE
di- (British prefix) double, double, double
argentum (Latin) silver
Create new value by combining with buried resources that are unevenly distributed in the world.
Like silver, which chemically changes easily and enjoys that change, it fits into the user's life,
We provide products that change in value as they are used.


We own and use DIARGE, and all that is given with love
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