・Do you support gift wrapping?

Yes. There are free wrapping and paid wrapping. Free wrapping can be selected from the shopping cart screen. There are options for paid wrapping on the product page, so we would appreciate it if you could select the same as the product.

Please refer to the following page for details.

https://store.diarge.com/blogs/diarge-online-store blog/Delivery designation and free wrapping

・Do you have a physical store?

Yes, we have one directly managed store in Taito-ku, Tokyo. There are more than 150 stores in Japan that carry DIARGE products.

・Could you enclose a delivery note, invoice, receipt, etc.?

Yes. It is possible. We usually enclose a paper that shows that payment has been completed in the form of an invoice. Please contact us if you wish to receive invoices and receipts. After the product has been shipped, the data will be sent as an email attachment.

・Do you handle consumer return business?

If you pay with AmazonPay, you will be eligible for the return business, but as of April 28, other payment methods will not be eligible.

・Is it possible to process the name?

We don't have a menu available for our online store, but we have engraving machines at our physical stores, so it's technically possible. Please contact us by e-mail regarding desired products, desired characters and data (if you have them).

・Do you support writing on behalf of message cards, etc.?

This is currently not supported.

・I would like to place a bulk order, is that possible?

Yes. It is possible. Please contact us by e-mail as we have set the upper limit of stock on the online store.

・Can you send multiple orders together?

Multiple orders with the same delivery date and same delivery address can be combined before shipping.

・Is it possible to do B to B transactions?

If you have a physical store and would like to purchase DIARGE wholesale, please contact us. Also, if you would like to engrave your name as a corporate gift, please contact us by email.