CARD CASE & MONEY CLIP, which had been out of stock for a long time, has arrived in all colors.

DIARGE CARD CASE & MONEY CLIP 13322 GOLD, SILVER, BLACK ¥4300 (excluding tax)

Size: 85×56mm

Material: Stainless

A multi-holder that combines a credit card case and a money clip.

The card case can hold up to 5 credit cards, cash cards, etc. The design is tapered from the entrance to the bottom, so even if one card is stored, it will not fall out.

The back is a money clip that allows you to carry cards and banknotes compactly, making it an item that supports a cashless society.
GOLD is stainless steel with hairline + platinum gold plating + clear processing, SILVER is stainless steel with hairline + clear processing to bring out the original texture of the metal, and BLACK is stainless steel with low-temperature black chrome plating.

It is easy to use even when going out for a short time, and is the perfect item to create a smart lifestyle for the user.


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