Delivery/delivery date

About delivery and delivery

We will ship within 2 business days using one of the following methods. If there is no particular date specified, we will ship by the shortest arrangement. Depending on the date and time of the order and the address specified for delivery, the shortest delivery time is same-day delivery or next-day delivery.

[Standard delivery] Japan Post/Eco-delivery/Yamato Transport *Date can be specified

[Nekoposu/Yu-Packet] Yamato Transport/Japan Post *Date cannot be specified

*The basic shipping fee is ¥550 ( tax included) [Hokkaido ¥880 ( tax included ), Okinawa ¥1100 ( tax included )], Nekopos/Yu-Packet is ¥330 (tax included) nationwide.

You can choose to specify the delivery date after 2 days. You can select it on the cart screen. Please refer to the blog post below. blog/Delivery designation and free wrapping

Since the collection conditions differ depending on the delivery company and delivery area, we will ship by the shortest possible delivery method. We ship from Taito Ward, Tokyo, so please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on the address you specify and the number of days required for delivery by the shipping company.

Please note that Nekopos/Yu-Packet are both services that do not allow you to specify the date (delivery by post), so even if you choose to specify the date, it will be invalid (we will use it as a reference for shipping preparation). Please check the URLs of Yamato Transport and Japan Post below for the required number of days for Nekoposu/Yu-Packet.



If you would like to make a detailed request other than the above, please contact the LINE official account or the email address below.