DIARGE Manufacturing - Location and Thoughts -

DIARGE started in 2012 in Taito Ward.

It started with a collection of men's shoes and mobile accessories, and now it has been modified and expanded to include leather accessories and interior goods, and has gained support as a lifestyle product brand.

Taito Ward is an area where the production of leather, shoes/footwear, bags, accessories, metal accessories, etc. is thriving.
As one of the centers of commerce and industry since the Edo period, it has a highly concentrated population and industry, and is a cluster of relatively small-scale handicrafts and manufacturing industries, as well as wholesalers and wholesalers responsible for the distribution of the products manufactured by them . has developed as
From the Meiji era until the mid-1930s, Taito Ward was also a key transportation hub, with various
Processing factories are lined up, and people who work there live nearby, creating a close-to-work
A community was formed.
In Minami-Senju, Arakawa Ward, on the north side, there is also Sumidagawa Station (freight station), which was a base for logistics from the Tohoku area via the Joban Line . Imported goods gather, and along the Sumidagawa River, the processing, manufacturing, and wholesale of leather, shoes, bags, metal accessories, stationery, and jewelry are concentrated. The production and distribution network has developed so that craftsmen, material stores, and wholesalers complement each other.
In addition, industry in Taito Ward is located in traditional commercial areas such as Nihonbashi and Ginza, as well as transit points.
It is characterized by its nature of a small cottage industry directly connected to the wholesale district .
In Taito Ward, which has such a historical background, it is easy to procure the main materials and parts that make up DIARGE products, such as leather and brass .
It is possible to flexibly plan and manufacture base metal products and leather products with high quality and rich texture.
Taking advantage of this geographical advantage, we offer products rooted in essential value by incorporating the spirit of learning new from the past, which has been handed down through the history of Japan, and the diverse and detailed sensibilities cultivated in Tokyo, which changes with the times, into design details. By doing so, we are making things every day with the hope that it will enrich the lifestyles of people not only in Japan but also around the world.