Metal corporate gift/souvenir selection guide: Important basic knowledge for choosing memorable gifts

What is a corporate gift?

Are corporate gifts and novelties the same?

A corporate gift is a gift given by a company or organization to business partners, employees, customers, etc. In Japan, you may be more familiar with the word "novelty," which is used in a similar way as a promotional item. This is spelled "Novelty" in English, but originally it means "unusualness", "novelty", "new thing (thing/experience)", "unusual thing". (things/experiences)". In other words, novelty, which means promotional goods, is not the original meaning in English, but is a uniquely Japanese interpretation, and is used in Japanese-English.The word novelty is also used widely. Due to its widespread use, it has the image of being distributed in large quantities to an unspecified number of people for advertising purposes, and it also gives the impression that it is a low-cost consumable item.

If we interpret corporate gifts broadly, it may be appropriate to describe them as souvenirs for companies and organizations. This article focuses on high-value gifts that companies and organizations give to business partners, employees, customers, etc., and the following is a corporate gift/souvenir , a term that is familiar to business customs in Europe and the United States. Doing.

Meaning, purpose, and types of corporate gifts

Corporate gifts/souvenirs have the purpose of expressing gratitude, honoring long-standing business relationships, and celebrating special occasions and achievements. Corporate gifts/souvenirs are also used to enhance brand image, strengthen relationships with customers, and improve employee motivation.

Specifically, they are used for a variety of purposes, including commemorative gifts for the opening or establishment anniversary of companies and organizations, commemorative gifts for high-value products such as automobiles, commemorative gifts for the opening of luxury hotels, and commemorative gifts for various events.

Types of gifts include luxury stationery, key chains, card cases, shoehorns, bags, pouches, device cases, perpetual calendars, mugs, tumblers, gift cards (including e-gifts), food and beverages, etc., and each item is customized. There are other products. Products that are small enough to be handed over are often preferred. In the business world, it's important to show respect and build more positive relationships through these gifts.

Why choose metal corporate gifts?

Why metal corporate gifts are popular

Metal corporate gifts/souvenirs are popular because of their durability and luxury. One of the characteristics of metal is that it is generally more robust than other materials. Through these gifts, companies send a message that, like their products, they strive to be remembered and build more lasting relationships with their stakeholders over the long term. It also has a shiny texture and a heavy physical weight, making it the perfect item to symbolize a special moment. There is also the benefit of having the recipient use the gift/souvenir over the long term and reminding them of the relationship.

Applications and scenes where metal corporate gifts are not suitable

It is common to see sales representatives at financial institutions and other organizations greeting client companies at the end of each fiscal year by bringing paper wall calendars with logos on them. It is a month-turning calendar that is used only for one year. The following year, you will have to bring another calendar as well. This purpose is to ensure contact at the end of the fiscal year by handing out consumables that are limited to that year.Also, the wall calendar, which is easily visible both inside and outside the company, allows the company to conduct business transactions with its customers. There is also the purpose of making the relationship known to related parties and, in some cases, to competitors. There are also many cases where food and drinks are given as corporate gifts/souvenirs, such as mid-year gifts and year-end gifts, but these are often chosen to appeal to a large number of people and to appeal to men and women of all ages.

Compared to the above example, metal corporate gifts/souvenirs must first have characteristics as a product. Due to the characteristics of the material, smaller ones are more likely to be selected than other materials, so there are only a few that are easy to understand and attract attention. Also, because they are durable consumer goods, they are often selected based on lifestyle, communication relationships, and preferences. There are only a limited number of products that are suitable for people of all ages, men and women, and the general public. Also, gifts/souvenirs are not suitable for the purpose of publicizing the relationship or appealing to third parties.

Conversely, even if it is a corporate gift/memorabilia between companies, it can be said to be suitable for building a close personal relationship between the person giving it and the person receiving it. Also, due to its durability and robustness, it is suitable for purposes that will be used carefully over a long period of time, rather than for temporary use.

Types of materials and their characteristics

Metal corporate gifts/souvenirs are made from a variety of materials including stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, copper has a unique color and tone, and brass has a whitish gold color that is attractive for its elegance, shine, and aging. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to process, meeting many design needs. Understanding the properties of each material is the first step in choosing the right gift/souvenir.

In addition to the selection of materials, by combining elements such as processing methods, surface treatments, and engravings, you can create unique gifts/souvenirs with even higher value.

How to choose each item: Selection points according to usage

Metal gifts range from souvenirs to practical office supplies. Choose items that match the recipient's occupation, hobbies, lifestyle, and purpose of the gift. For example, a business card holder or a pen might be a good choice for a business associate, or a customized key chain for a friend who shares a hobby.

Customization Options: The Value of Personalized Gifts

Customization is a way to make metal gifts even more special. By engraving a name, message, date, etc. using laser or mechanical engraving, the item becomes unique for the recipient. Personalizing this gift is one way to make it unique and greatly increase its value.

Importance of package design

The value of a gift also varies greatly depending on its packaging. Beautiful packaging enhances the impression the moment you receive it and enhances the charm of the metal gift itself. We choose the appropriate package according to TPO and budget, and also show the recipient's taste.

Ready-made products and custom-made products

When considering metal corporate gifts/souvenirs, ready-made products and custom-made products differ greatly in the manufacturing and sales processes. We explain the main differences below:

◇Ready-made products (Off-the-shelf)
-Definition : A product that is pre-manufactured and mass-produced according to specific specifications. Consumers can buy directly from the market.
- Immediately available: Can be used immediately after purchase.
-Cost efficiency: Mass production tends to result in lower cost per unit.
- Consistent quality: Because the manufacturing process is standardized, quality is consistent from product to product.
- Lack of flexibility: cannot be tailored to individual needs and preferences.
Generality : Often designed for common use and the most common needs.

Definition: A product manufactured according to specific customer requirements. Individually created based on customer specifications, wishes, or needs.
· advantage:
Customization: Products can be customized to meet customers' specific requirements, often resulting in higher levels of satisfaction.
Uniqueness: Because it is made to suit the customer, it can have a uniqueness that is different from general ready-made products.
· Disadvantage:
Cost : Customization and individual production processes mean higher costs.
Time: Manufacturing takes time and may not be available immediately.
Variation in quality: Since each product is customized, the quality may not be constant.

Overall, off-the-shelf products are readily available and cost-effective, while custom products offer greater customization and uniqueness, but can be costly and time-consuming. Your choice will depend on your needs, budget, and the characteristics you want in your product.

As a selector, the first factor to consider is the purpose, with budget, delivery date, and lot (required quantity) as the top priority, followed by customizability and uniqueness.

When it comes to metal corporate gifts/souvenirs, if the delivery time from specification determination is short, it is not practical to use ready-made products as a basis. It depends on the manufacturing method, but the same applies if the lot is small. There are plenty of options for making corporate gifts/memorabilia through secondary processing and packaging based on ready-made products.

On the other hand, if you have time for delivery, you may consider custom-made products, but you need to be careful with metal products that require molds. There are a wide variety of molds, and it is not uncommon for molds to cost over a million yen.

With ingenuity in design and engineering knowledge, it is possible to plan and manufacture products without the need for molds by combining a wide variety of processing methods and, in some cases, combining different materials other than metal.

Please use this information as a reference when considering more wonderful metal corporate gifts/souvenirs.