Announcement of TSUTAYA Shingai store development

Development of DIARGE has started at TSUTAYA Shingai store.
Make you more "cool" at work. Make your daily life more "beautiful. And rich."
The DIARGE products and displays placed in two places inside and outside the store show a refined atmosphere according to the concept.
3-21-11 Shingaicho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture 721-0955
telephone number
business hours
Morning 09:00-midnight 02:00
open all year round
BOOK COVER in many color variations
GIFTIE and LEATHER STAMP ASSORT to accompany special gifts
A lot of items are developed mainly on leather accessories.
In addition to gift goods, there are many brass accessories such as bangles, rings, and necklaces.
The display that can be seen from outside the store is [Just for you.Give the difference.]
[Anytime, anywhere, always stand by me.]
The two words are lined up with the product.
A gift from the heart.
Besides, SHOEHORN of various sizes,
BRASS & LEATHER BOTTLE KEYRING in original DIARGE bottles are also available.
If you are looking for a gift to send to yourself or someone you care about, please take a look.
If you live near Hiroshima or are traveling nearby, please drop by.

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