Notice of THINK handling start

The stationery concept shop "THINK", which is currently attracting the most attention in Singapore, has started handling DIARGE.
We mainly handle brass fabric products, which DIARGE is good at.
A monument of a woman's lower body breaking through the ceiling, symbolizing the shop's creativity
It's no longer a display, but rather an area of ​​art.
Just looking at this is a unique presence.
You can see how popular the shop is by the way the shop is crowded with people.
Unfortunately, I don't have a DIARGE display image yet. .
I've never been to Singapore, and I don't have much information due to the corona crisis, so I searched for it on Google Maps.
Is it about 1.5 km in a straight line distance from Marina Bay Sands, which is famous for its rooftop pool?
According to the business partner, it seems to be located in the center of commerce.
It seems that speculation (just speculation) is flowing among people in the industry that they will open a second store because of the success of the store.
I'd love to go to "THINK" in Singapore, where it's always hot.

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