ONLINE STORE limited products 13304L, 13315L RAINBOW release announcement

To commemorate the opening of the DIARGE OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE, we have released two limited edition products.

13304L BRASS CHASING SHOEHORN col: RAINBOW ¥2,300 (excluding tax)

13315L CHASING MONEY CLIP col: RAINBOW ¥3,300 (excluding tax)

*All parts are made of brass.

It is a special plating technology that is not used for mobile accessories, but I tried to make a prototype out of curiosity.

I was fascinated by the uniqueness of the finish at first sight.

However, it can be said that the charm and the disadvantage are two sides of the same coin, but each point is a different color.

come up.

This is a money clip finished in a bright yellow chameleon color like a rainbow.

This is a pocketable shoehorn. It is finished in a slightly bluish rainbow color compared to the money clip.

It is a very delicate plating process and not evenly finished.

I think you can clearly see the difference even if you look at it partially. Above is a shoehorn

tip part.

This is the handle part of the shoehorn, the logo charm, the round jump ring, and the double ring.

Even though the shoehorn part has a bright color like emerald green

On the other hand, the logo charm is truly a rainbow color with blue, red and purple harmoniously integrated.

This lack of uniformity and reproducibility is the main sales channel for DIARGE.

Wholesale to stores is difficult.

Because it is difficult for customer service to explain that the finish of each item is different,

This is because the store cannot be held responsible for the situation.

One of the attractions of the DIARGE OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE is the things that cannot be reproduced uniformly.

I am capturing it as.

Since it is sold directly by the manufacturer, we are aware of the risks and promote this appeal.

Aren't you excited about the sound of being the only one in the world?

It is a limited edition that is not suitable for mass production, so it will only be released in small quantities, so don't miss it! !

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