Notice of Hot Dog PRESS no.375 13902 BRASS CARD CASE

DIARGE's BRASS CARD CASE was published on Hot Dog PRESS no.375.

Simple Life Recommendation Minimal Things This is a special issue that introduces minimal things with the title.

BRASS CARD CASE is featured in the daily use category called Daily.


"Draw out the texture by eliminating decoration", this is a common part of DIARGE's products. One of the charms of the material called brass is that it changes over time. I thought this article was also a good article from a manufacturer's point of view, as it was very straightforward and devoted to minimal expression.

Also, I personally feel that the paper version of Hot Dog PRESS used to be a youth bible for college students, but the web-only version is called "Honest Magazine for 40-year-olds and Adult Girls". I feel the change of the times in the fact that it was republished in a standing position.

I was also in the last generation, so it brings back sweet and sour memories.

As well as the CARD CASE posted this time, DIARGE products can be used for a long time even after the passage of time.

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