Announcement of introduction of e-gift app Any Gift

We have introduced Any Gift, an e-gift function app.

What is eGift? Even if you don't know the address of the person you want to send a gift to, you can send a gift by sending a message to the other person on SNS.

Roughly speaking, the flow of eGifts is as follows.

①Choose the product you want to give

② Issue a URL when you purchase

③ Message the URL to the other party

④ Home delivery by the other party's address input

Check the "Send as an e-gift" button on the page of the product you want to gift.

Send the URL issued after purchase to the other party via SNS

The other party enters the home address from the receiving URL and the gift arrives

Check the actual flow on the DIARGE ONLINE STORE smartphone screen.


Scroll down to find delivery method

Check the "Send an e-gift to someone whose address you don't know" button

Check the "Send as an e-gift to someone whose address you do not know" button.

*Yellow framed area

Please enter your message (required)

Please enter the sender's name (required)

Enter in the

*Yellow framed area

After completing the purchase, copy the URL of the e-gift receipt page and send it on SNS

The receipt page is as follows.

If you have registered your e-mail, you will also receive the e-gift URL by e-mail.

eGift is a groundbreaking service that allows you to send gifts without knowing the recipient's personal information.

Please take this opportunity to use DIARGE products as casual gifts and surprise gifts.

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