DIARGE OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE Information on payment methods

When you visit a site for the first time, it takes time and effort to enter your shipping address and credit card information, and you may feel uneasy about it.

DIARGE OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE supports payment using various existing external services, so we will guide you through the payment method.

shopify pay is a payment service provided by shopify, our EC platform.

This site accepts Visa, Master, and Amex as credit cards.

shopify pay has partnered with the following various external services, making it possible to provide payment without entering new payment information.

If you set up Shopify Payments for related services, you can save your credit card information and other information at other stores that have enabled Shopify Pay.

PayPal A pioneer of payment services. It supports a wide range of credit cards and also supports payments in 22 currencies.

Supported card brands Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, etc.

Supported currencies 22 currencies

Apple pay A payment method that uses your Apple account information.

Supported card brands Master, Amex

Payment can be made using Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. A convenient service for Apple users. Note that VISA cards issued in Japan cannot be used with Apple pay. Only Japanese Yen is supported.

google pay google account information and payment method used.

Supported cards Visa, Master, Amex

Only Japanese Yen is supported.

amazon pay Simply log in to your amazon.co.jp account and your address and payment information will be entered.

Supported card brands Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB

* We do not have a store on Amazon.

Product cash on delivery (Yamato Transport courier service collection)

This is the only deferred payment method on our site.

Please note that in addition to the amount displayed at the time of payment, a cash-on-delivery fee will be charged at the time of receipt. The amount is as follows.

COD amount Service fee (including tax)
Less than 10,000 yen 324 yen (main unit price 300 yen, consumption tax 24 yen)
10,000 yen or more to less than 30,000 yen 432 yen (base price 400 yen, consumption tax, etc. 32 yen)
30,000 yen to less than 100,000 yen 648 yen (body price 600 yen, consumption tax 48 yen)

By supporting various payment services as described above, we have minimized the need to enter payment information and created a safe shopping environment in terms of personal information protection.

Please enjoy your shopping with peace of mind.

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