DIARGE in colette

The development of DIARGE has started at the select shop colette in PARIS.
It goes without saying that this select shop is one of the world's leading outlets, and is rumored to be known by everyone in the fashion industry. Since opening in 1997, the store has been transmitting Parisian trends to the world.
In addition to fashion, there are a wide variety of items such as art, miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, books, and children's toys.
Since the main buyer is a Japanese connoisseur, it seems that many Japanese products are also introduced.
The 2nd floor is mainly apparel centered on collaboration items of high brands. There is a water bar and cafe restaurant on B1, and it seems to be crowded mainly with fashion people in the neighborhood.
Now that I understand the atmosphere of the store , I could imagine the majority of people saying, "I understand that this is a wonderful store. Do you really carry DIARGE products?" I'm sending it to you.
Here we go! !
Check it out in the glass showcase along the 1F window! It's where you can see it from the window. that's right. DIARGE products are now part of colette's face.
excuse me. I got carried away and said too much.
10 items are picked up from the shoehorn in the back left to the key ring with hook on the right end. If you look closely, you can see the display facing the inside of the store and the window side.
It's strange because even the details like how to put out the symmetrical keys of the KEY ORGANIZER seem to have a calculated meaning.
One of the reasons why it is said that there is no similar shop, even though it is a shop that visits select shops all over Japan, is the sensitivity and frequency of arrangement of its show windows and display proposals.
I was surprised to hear that a distributor of an acquaintance told me that it would change in a week.
A window for the 2005 Christmas season by flower artist Makoto Azuma. The storefront is laid out with glass bottles packed with flower petals.
Maison HERMES, which represents France, also decorated the colette window in 2010.
You can feel the great influence of colette from the spirited displays that are just like their own boutique .
That's why the fact that the products are lined up in colette is such an honor that the staff of DIARGE, who are lazy to write, will write a long blog like never before.
I am grateful for this chance encounter.
In fact, none of the staff knew the buyer of colette until I received the inquiry email .
I would like to make mystery solving my first job in 2017, so please look forward to it.
PS DIARGE products are also available online. I think it's as long as it's in stock, so check it out early.
213 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, FRANCE
tel +33 1 55 35 33 90
mon-sat 11:00〜19:00
Closed on sundays

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