In late April, we exhibited at CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN, which was held simultaneously at three venues, including Songshan Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan.
Songshan Creative Park was the venue for the design and product category at CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN.
From wikipedia The Songshan Tobacco Factory of the Taiwan Governor's Office Monopoly Bureau was built in 1937 and is located in what is now Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan. In other words, it is the remains of a tobacco factory of a Japanese company during the period of Japanese rule. I'm deeply moved by just that.
At WEARHOUSE No.3, DIARGE was developed on two sides. A display of BASE METAL products centered on brass. This time, we produced original fixtures that match the table of the booth prepared by you.
This is the display of the derivative line Diarge est. It's very simple.
A separate building in the venue, a corridor reminiscent of an old elementary school building.
It's like a tap that adjusts a water pipe. The texture of rust and patina makes you feel the history.
There is also a design general store as a tenant in the building.
Right next to it is the eslite spectrum pine store, and in 2015, the eslite hotel opened alongside it, and it seems to be a new landmark.
Although it was a trial of overseas expansion, we exhibited in Taiwan, but the positive reaction gave us confidence, and on the contrary, we often felt that we were lacking in strength. I would like to continue

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