COLLECTORS Announcement of each store development

COLLECTORS, GLOCCA by COLLECTORS, COMPLETE WORKS Tokyo, NOVELLO by collectors 40 stores have started DIARGE.
Since DIARGE stores are open all over the country, it has become much easier for people who have never had the opportunity to touch DIARGE before. As DIARGE, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to meet more people! !
Compared to existing stores, it has a relatively large number of items handled, so it is recommended for those who want to see various products. Almost all colors of leather combination items that are particularly compatible with store MD, including bottle package products, are available.
Not only men who are particular about texture, but depending on the location, it seems that women are also popular as gifts.
There may be a store near where you live or work. Please feel free to drop by.
For details, please see the STOCKIST page.

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