Introducing new 2021 SS products [ ETERNAL CALENDAR LR 13911 ]

We are looking forward to the end of the emergency declaration, but we have released a new product that will add color to the new life season.

ETERNAL CALENDAR LR ¥27,500 (tax excluded ¥25,000)


Material: walnut, brass/stainless steel

Size Width 300mm Height 170mm Depth 150mm

Living room version of DESKTOP ETERNAL CALENDAR.

A calendar that can be used semi-permanently by adjusting the position of the plate at the beginning of the month, is generally called a perpetual calendar.

The metal plate is available in two colors, GOLD (brass) and SILVER (stainless steel), and unlike the desktop type, it has a size that is easy to identify even from a distance. It features a structure in which two walnut plates are joined together and supported by a triangular support.

The texture of walnut and base metal is an item that adds a high-quality, minimalist presence to the interior of your living room.



With the arrival of spring, the season of new life is approaching.






























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