eslite bookstore expansion announcement

A lifestyle complex bookstore from Taiwan that was selected as the best bookstore in Asia by the Asian edition of TIME in 2004. From November 2016, DIARGE will be rolled out at 10 eslite bookstores, including eslite bookstores, which attract more than 12 million visitors from all over the world annually, and product bookstores online.
Eslite Bookstore will become the largest and most important publication platform for all people involved in the humanities, arts, and creative fields over the long term. This is the policy of the Eslite brand.
Combining local and international perspectives, we have created a culture brand of Eslite Life Style with a wide variety of world-class famous stores that sell trendy items, trendy fashion, unique gourmet food, creative gift items, and interior decorations. , loved by many as a landmark of the largest “international cultural and creative exchange platform” in the Greater China market.
For the first stage, we will pick up two items from the CHASING SHOEHORN SERIES and publish them in the Christmas gift catalog.
The interior of the flagship store [Eslite Spectrum Xinyi Store], which opened in 2006. With the slogan “With the World”, Xinyi Store offers an international and attractive lifestyle as a “booking and lifestyle museum” and a “window connecting Taiwanese and global cultures”.
[Eslite Spectrum Xinyi] Interior 2
The head office [Eslite product Dunnan store] was relocated and opened in 1995. The exterior is simple and sturdy, reminiscent of a government agency, and has a dignified appearance. Since 1999, it has adopted a new business method for a bookstore that is open 24 hours a day, and has provided people with a reading life in the city without time differences for over 20 years.
The eslite item Dunnan store emphasizes “humanities and originality.” Incorporating famous interior goods, designer fashions and accessories from Taiwan and overseas, as well as concept restaurants, unique gourmet food, Eslite wine cellars, etc., not only reading but also providing services to enjoy life to the fullest.
Dunnan store interior
eslite spectrum songan store
Kinbien Road Branch
Nanbo store
[Store list]
Xinyi store
Dunnan store
eslite living project songan store
Garden road shop
Taipei Main Station
Hsinchu City Bookstore
Taichung Far One Shop
Kaohsiung Far One Shop
Taoyuan Taimo Bookstore
Nanbo Bookstore
eslite net road bookstore
Please check it out when you visit Taiwan.

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