Notice of POP UP development at Urawa Tsutaya Bookstore

POP UP development has started at Urawa Tsutaya Bookstore.
Atre Urawa, which is directly connected to Urawa Station, is a first-class stationery miscellaneous goods corner where people cross from three entrances.
This time, DIARGE has 2 shelves in front of Kaneko Optical.
In addition, Urawa Tsutaya Bookstore has a track record of POP UP development twice in the past, from the 2017 Christmas season to 2018, and from the 2018 Christmas season to the 2019 new life season.
During the construction, we had a miraculous encounter with a customer who purchased 13320 KEY ORGANIZER BLK (a favorite) during the previous POP UP development, and it was a good start.
This time, in addition to base metal accessories, we are also developing interior products such as ETERNAL CALENDAR, EYE GLASS STAND, BRASS ROUND TRAY. Due to high traffic, products in PP folding boxes are
The operation is to bring the product card to the cash register and exchange it.
Urawa Tsutaya Bookstore
Atre Urawa 1700, 1-16-12 Takasago, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 330-0063
Period: 2/2 (Wed.) ~ 3/31 (Thu.)
Location: Semi-circular shelf in front of Kaneko Glasses
Immediately in front of you after getting off the escalator on the Urawa Isetan side

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