Announcement of expansion of Kashiwa-no-ha Tsutaya Bookstore

Centered around Tsutaya Bookstore, which proposes a lifestyle through books, T-SITE is a complex commercial facility that collects things and things that enrich our daily lives. Kashiwa-no-ha T-SITE, the 4th store, opened on March 2nd, and DIARGE's development began at the core store, Kashiwa-no-ha Tsutaya Bookstore.
Kashiwa-no-ha T-SITE is based on the concept of "living with children" and features a floor structure that is conscious of families, and it is also a unique facility that has stores selling products from Chiba Prefecture, mainly food.
The 2nd floor is for children, and the books are lined up at a height that even children can reach.
The glasses store next to the 1F stationery floor "Oh My Glasses Tokyo"
The display of "DIARGE" is deployed with the largest number of items in Japan on 4 shelves in 1 span.
The familiar glass bottle series.
The lineup of brass accessories around the desk of NEW ITEM is also available as soon as it debuts.
Not to mention the rich lineup of DIARGE, Kashiwa-no-ha T-SITE is a space where various attractions are condensed, so it is a must-see for those who live near Kashiwa and along the Tsukuba Express line. Please visit.
"Kashiwanoha Tsutaya Bookstore"
Address: 227-1 Wakashiba, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture
TEL: 047-197-1400
Business hours: 8:00-23:00
Regular holiday: Irregular holidays

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