Notification of new sales start DESK TOP ETERNAL CALENDAR, BRASS PILL CASE

We have started selling new model 2.

13908 DESK TOP ETERNAL CALENDAR GD,SV,BLK ¥6,800 (excluding tax)

13907 BRASS PILL CASE GD ¥2,800 ( excluding tax)

First, an introduction from the DESK TOP ETERNAL CALENDAR.

A perpetual calendar that combines a walnut triangular material with a brass hook plate. The beautiful wood grain and color unique to walnut and the minimal and deep texture of brass with a moderately rough finish calmly indicate the time on the desk. A product that functions as a calendar that can be used semi-permanently, has a presence as a desktop accessory, and allows you to enjoy the aging of brass and natural wood.

The walnut is common, and the hook plate is available in three colors: GOLD, SILVER, and BLACK.


A simple pill case made of solid brass. It has a beautiful rectangular shape with moderate curves. It can also be used as a stationary accessory case. A rubber band is included for portability.

At the Ambiente 2020 exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, it was a highly rated item by product designers and architects.

It can be used as a portable product with the attached rubber band, or as a small item holder when removed.

In addition to our directly managed store DIARGE EAST TOKYO, we are gradually increasing the number of wholesale stores that carry our products. All of them are unique items, so there is no doubt that they will add color to your lifestyle.

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