Introducing new products for new lifestyles

DIARGE introduces three new products for a new lifestyle.


A leather hanger that can be carried by hooking a mask. An item that can be used as a place to carry a mask in situations where it is not three dense, or to temporarily remove the mask, such as eating at a restaurant. The mask itself can be kept hygienic because it can be carried while exposed to the outside air.

The material used is Italian shoulder leather, which has a rich natural grain texture and is characterized by aging. In addition to the clip, it can be attached to a wider range of items and locations by using the included ball chain. Depending on the choice of color and metal fittings, it can be used as a bag accessory, or it can be made to blend in with the bag itself as much as possible, making it a versatile product.

Size: 80 x 40mm (including clip)

Materials: cowhide, iron, brass
Color development: BLK, NVY, GR, RD, OR, CM, BR.DBR

In addition to the clip, a ball chain is also included, and it can be used properly according to the attachment part and scene.

When attaching to a bag, you can choose a color similar to the main body and attach it with a clip to make it fit like an exclusive part. If you choose a combination of accent color and ball chain, you can freely make it a focal point of your bag like an accessory. The simple design makes it an item that can be used according to the TPO.


A leather hook belt that allows you to wear a mask without putting it on your ears. When you don't wear a mask, you can use it as a neck holder with the mask on, so you can carry the mask in situations that are not crowded, or when you temporarily remove the mask, such as eating at a restaurant.

The material used is Italian shoulder leather, which has a rich natural grain texture and is characterized by aging. It can be looped by passing one side through the slit, making it an excellent item for portability.

Size: 180 x 25mm

Material: Cowhide
Color development: BLK, NVY, GR, RD, OR, CM, BR.DBR

The material used is Italian shoulder leather with a rich texture, and the floor surface has been treated with a color-stopping treatment.

SOCIAL DISTANCE is a casual message

When not in use, it is a useful item that can be looped and attached to a bag by using the slit on the main body.


A mask stand that can be folded three-dimensionally from a piece of brass plate . These days, it is common to wear a mask when going out or interacting with people, so after moving to an environment where the three Cs are not present, it is difficult to breathe and the heat (stuff) removes the mask . Remove the mask when eating. Everyone remembers the experience of having trouble finding a place to put a mask in any scene.

This product is designed to secure a fixed position for the mask in the office or at home, and to accent the interior from the rich texture of brass. Brass is a copper alloy containing more than 60% copper, and is expected to have a super antibacterial effect against bacteria and viruses . In addition, by using multiple grooves, it is possible to handle masks of various sizes and types. It is designed with the intention of being hygienic as well as form and function as a product . Comes with a craft folding box .

Size: 187 x 102 x 70 mm (when assembled)

Material: Brass Color: GD, SV *SV will be released around 7/22

Usage image from the front. There are a total of 8 grooves for hanging strings on the top, bottom, left, and right, and it can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the mask.

Usage image from the side. Hook the string on the inverted trapezoidal part of the stand and fix it.

There is a cavity in the center of the main body, and the majority of the face that touches the face is designed so that it does not touch the mask stand, and it is possible to disinfect it with alcohol spray while it is fixed to the stand.

It is a specification that customers can bend and mold by themselves. The main body has a groove, and the instruction manual is also enclosed in the box. I have a feeling that it will also be useful as a display item for high-value-added masks.

It is a product developed with the aim of providing you with a lifestyle that is as rich in mind and body as possible in the unfamiliar with-corona environment. I would appreciate it if you could be the color of your daily life.

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