Announcement of Diarge est development at Itoya Ginza Main Store

From the beginning of June, Itoya Ginza main store, 5F TRAVEL floor, Diarge est will be available at the leather accessory corner.
5F TRAVEL is a floor that mainly handles business tools other than stationery.
Floor view from the staircase side, several groups of foreign tourists who seem to be individual travelers in the evening on weekdays, different from the image of bustling group tourists in Asakusa, each carefully choosing products that interest them. I was there. According to one theory, there seems to be a trend among European and American tourists to buy Japanese stationery when they come to Ginza.
Diarge est is displayed in the glass fixtures on the central escalator side.
Next to GANZO, there are relatively authentic and hard leather accessories with a strong presence.
This time the development has started with 2 type 6 SKU of LONG WALLET ¥ 34000 (tax excluded) and EX ENVELOPE CARD CASE ¥ 14000 (tax excluded).
All of them are Diarge est's original design patterns, and with the cooperation of the long-established leather workshop Hakuan, they use embossed scarves from Italy's Overlord, and are made thin and supple with solid pasting techniques.
A new tri-fold compact type SMART WALLET 3SKU will also be introduced in July.
Please check it out when you come to Ginza.
It seems that it can also be purchased from Itoya's app.
It is also available at the DIARGE online shop. For those who rarely have the opportunity to go to Ginza
Check it out from the URL below.

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