Announcement of the start of expansion at each Loft store

DIARGE has been renewed (some new introductions) have been carried out at each Loft store.

Shibuya Loft 1F Gift goods (leather accessories)

Ikebukuro Loft 12F Stationery (Leather accessories corner)

Kichijoji Loft 4F Stationery and miscellaneous goods *Newly introduced

Yokohama Loft 7F Variety Goods

Gifu Loft 3F Stationery *Newly introduced

Kyoto Loft 6F Stationery Miscellaneous Goods

Umeda Loft 6F Stationery

Shin-Kobe Loft 4F Stationery and miscellaneous goods *Newly introduced

Tenjin Loft 4F Stationery Miscellaneous *Store renewal

Yokohama loft icon

The displays and fixtures at Yokohama Loft are exclusive to w600.

Gifu Loft exterior

Gifu Loft's displays and fixtures are dedicated to w900, with the maximum number of points available in this renewal.

The punching board fixtures used in store equipment are used to match the Kyoto Loft displays and sales floor fixtures. The number of inbound tourists is increasing.

Umeda loft display, w450 exclusive fixtures

Shin-Kobe Loft sales floor view

Shin-Kobe Loft display, developed with w600 special fixtures

This renewal includes proposals that include display fixtures, so the displays also have a sense of unity.

*The contents vary depending on the fixture size.

It is widely spread from Kanto to Kansai and Fukuoka, centering on large stores, so I went on a business trip to Shin-Kobe, Umeda, Kyoto, and Gifu in early June to say hello.

Be sure to check it out when you go to each area.

Loft store information

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