Media publication notice 16002 ONE MILE WALLET " KASHI KARI"

On the website of the men's fashion research institute operated by KASHI KARI, which develops a men's fashion rental service, "21 selections of popular brand products recommended for men's "coin case"! 16002 ONE MILE WALLET of Diarge est was published in the article ".

It is an article that literally summarizes coin cases for men by making use of knowledge of men's fashion and rental services. I feel the commitment.

DIARGE is also introduced in the text.

In addition, KASHI KARI, the operator, offers a men's fashion rental service that mainly deals with business items, so you can easily enjoy various coordination for a simple monthly fee. In addition to rentals, the Men's Fashion Research Institute page has useful information related to men's fashion, so I think you'll find useful information just by reading the articles.

The following items are introduced.


It is an excellent item that can store cards and banknotes at the same time, mainly with a coin case function. Can be used as a 2nd wallet or as a pass case for commuting to work or school.

Not only can it be used with the main wallet according to the TPO, but it is also popular as a small wallet for minimalists.

NAVY and DARK BROWN are also popular, so please check them out at the online store.

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