Media publication notice 14305 BRASS CHASING SHOEHORN(10cm) GD "248."

248. Thank you for reviewing DIARGE14305 BRASS CHASING SHOEHORN (10cm) GD.

248. is a personal blog that aims at a simple life with a peculiarity that does not seek only rationality, and writes articles of various scenes subjectively. Excerpt from HP

Our director found a review article on KEY ORGANIZER GD and a maintenance article on the same item and contacted us.

Since it is a credo to write a review article after actually using it, it is a blog that is very helpful to use from the user's perspective and in line with the lifestyle of the operator.

"I think the advantage of using a shoehorn is that it reduces damage to shoes and moves." Excerpt from the article

As a manufacturer, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

While many people tend to focus on the benefits of shoehorns, making them more comfortable to wear is very important. Moreover, it is common not only to leather shoes but also to sneakers.

And when you put on your shoes, the way you behave is beautiful, isn't it a compliment that can be accepted by everyone regardless of age or gender?

In fact, shoe horns are very popular as gift items. The reason is probably that it is an item that can be easily handed over at a reasonable unit price. Surprisingly few people buy and own them. In Japan, there are many scenes where you take off your shoes outside your home. Such will be considered.

If you're interested in a shoehorn but don't have one, or if you're looking for a casual gift, I'm sure it will be a reference for your comparison, so please check it out.

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