Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK

Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK
Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK
Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK
Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK
Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK
Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK
Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK
Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK

Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK

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Brass shoehorn carefully hammered by Japanese craftsmen. The shoehorn, which has been strengthened through training, reflects diffusely. Light in the pitch black It gives off a presence as if wearing it. A simple, rounded shoehorn with a design that sublimates traditional techniques that have been used since ancient times.

Even though it is a pocketable type, it is a size that gives you a sense of security. The curved shape makes it compact yet easy to put on and take off. 10cm available in 3 colors. 10cm available in 3 colors.

Size: 103 x 40mm (shoe horn part)

Material: brass

Color: black

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Brass Chasing Shoehorn (10cm) 14305 BLK
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