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Since the exhibition at MAISON & OBJET PARIS, the number of overseas stores has increased by four.
One concept shop each in Paris (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), Basel (Switzerland), and London (UK). Yoshiki is mainly online.
70 rue de Grenelle 75007 Paris
+33(0)9 83 78 05 65
Store Kongensgade 73 1264 Copenhagen K, Denmark
CVR: 27138209
+45 3332 3877
◇Yoshiki Homburgerstrasse 42 4052 Basel
◇ALKEMI store
62 Nunhead Lane Peckham London SE15 3QE
+44 (0)20 3952 8593
Due to the timing of the September exhibition, DIARGE is mainly picked up as a Christmas gift.
What impressed me about the above stores was that many of the owners and buyers had a very positive impression of Japan. The surprising thing was that there was an evaluation that it looked like Japan.
This is because when we exhibit at Japanese exhibitions, we are often asked which country the products are imported from. It is interesting that it is definitely different from the Japanese point of view from the Japanese point of view,
Depending on how you think about it, I think it is a point that can be considered as a competitive edge not only for DIARGE products but also for Japanese brands.
DÉMODÉ is the only shop that picks up DIARGE products from a neutral point of view, regardless of Japan.
The shop name "DÉMODÉ" means that it is outdated and unaffected by fashion.
Our concept is to provide what we think is good without being influenced by trends.
The owner is the founder of Merci, and the shop is run by Merci's former creative director and former buyer. .
I received an order during the exhibition period, and since the store is located in Paris, I visited after the exhibition to say hello.
Interior of DÉMODÉ①
Interior of DÉMODÉ②
Interior of DÉMODÉ ③
Interior of DÉMODÉ ④
It was also impressive that the small store was crowded with customers who seemed to be Japanese researchers before and after.
It is a store that you want to check continuously just because it is attracting attention.
Interior of ALKEMI store①
Interior of ALKEMI store②
The ALKEMI store selects mainly DIARGE solid brass products, and the images are from the official website.
It seems that they are actively picking up Asian items such as Japan and South Korea.
It was already uploaded to yoshiki's online shop.
The owner is also an accessory designer and sells her own accessories. Based on the fact that he loves Japan and the name of the shop, yoshiki, I thought he was an enthusiastic fan of X JAPAN, regardless of appearances. It makes sense when you see her own delicate and minimal accessories. By the way, X JAPAN's yoshikim also seems to know, so I was able to get a laugh.
The above is featured as a NEW item on the AREASTORE online shop page in the top image. This is also a shop that actively sells Japanese products, and it was impressive that the male owner saw DIARGE's items and said, "You don't see many of these items in Europe, so they're valuable."
It's still a grassroots activity, but I would like to spread the appeal of DIARGE in Europe and steadily expand sales channels.

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