Notice of POP UP development at Hirakata Tsutaya Bookstore

We are holding a DIARGE POP UP SHOP on the 3rd floor of Hirakata Tsutaya Bookstore in T-SITE in front of Hirakatashi Station in Osaka.
vinegar. It is the birthplace of Tsutaya Bookstore, one of the largest T-SITEs in Japan, and a facility with the theme of a lifestyle department.
The end part of the 3F stationery corner and the back are punching board specifications, so use a special hook
Displayed in an easy-to-read manner.
Since May is the tourist season, DIARGE items include the seasonal PET BOTTLE HOLDER and the new CIRCLE KEYRING.
Deployment period ~ 6/30 (Sun)
Not only those who live in Hirakata City, but also those who have the opportunity to go to the suburbs of Osaka,
Please check it.
Hirakata Tsutaya Bookstore
12-2 Okahigashi-cho, Hirakata-shi, Osaka T-SITE Building 3F Stationery Corner
TEL 072-844-9000

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